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Shasta Trinity Tour

McArthur Burney Falls State Park in northern California, page 1.

McCloud River Falls and hiking trails: The Upper Waterfall, page 2, the Middle Waterfall, page 3 and page 4 as well as the lower waterfall, page 5 on McCloud River at Fowler Campground.

Mountains, Mountains, Mountains: Castle Crags State Park in California, page 6, page 7, and page 8.

Mountains again ... Grey's Peak at Castle Crags State Park in California, page 9.

... and again Castle Crags at the Railroad Park in Dunsmuir, page 10.

Waterfalls at Dunsmuir: Mossbrae Waterfalls on the Sacramento River, page 11.

Beautiful Mt Shasta from the viewpoint at Hedge Creek Waterfalls in Dunsmuir, California, page 12.

Waterfalls at Dunsmuir: Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir, California, page 13.

The Sacramento River at Dunsmuir City Park in Dunsmuir, California, page 14.

Mountain Hiking: Bunny Flat Trailhead on Mt Shasta, page 15.

Mountain lakes in California: Castle Lake, page 16, page 17, page 18.

Volcanic Landscape in northern California, page 19.

Mt. Shasta from Hwy 97 in northern California, page 20.

Volcanic Legacy: Lava Beds National Monument, page 21.

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Gorge, Ashland, Oregon and the South Umpqua River.

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