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Travel California and ...
The north fork of the Salmon River, the Russian Wilderness, Sawyers
Bar and the amazing Salmon River Gorge, the Klamath River, the Scott River ... there's still more. :-)

While all the pages that have links are up, I do not consider this section complete. I need to go back again, and ask different questions this time. Still, one can get the feel of the river, wonderful as it is ... The Travel Tour pages are not yet complete either, so please grant me your pardon, these too will come. :-)

Sightseeing in northern California, page 1: Gazelle Mountain Pass from Weed, California.

Sightseeing ... page 2 A bit of mining history ... Callahan, California.

Travel California on Sawyer's Bar Road in the Salmon Mountains:

Sightseeing ... On our way on Sawyers Bar Road near Etna, California ... stopping creekside: page 1, page 2 and page 3.

Sightseeing in the Marble Mountains of California, page 4: The view from Etna Summit - I think ... the mountains go on and on ...

Sightseeing ... page 5: Stopping on the way to Taylor Lake ... mountain vistas surround.

Hiking in the Russian Wilderness of the Klamath National Forest, page 6: Hiking trails to Taylor Lake, one of several mountain lakes accessed from this trail in the Russian Wilderness.

Hiking ... page 7: We've arrived!

Hiking ... page 8: Granitic Ridges set boundaries in NoWhere ...

Sightseeing ... page 9: Saucy water flows in NoWhere ...

Sightseeing ... page 10: a coquettish wiggle ... and peaceful demure ... Russian Creek.

Sightseeing ... page 11: Russian Creek's saucy flow just above the old mining town of Sawyers Bar in California ...

Sightseeing ... page 12: The beautiful ... breathtaking ... Salmon River above Sawyers Bar ...

Sightseeing ... page 13: A bit of mining history ... Sawyers Bar, California, the best preserved mining town in the old west.

Sawyers Bar, California, the best preserved mining town ...

Slow down dagnabbit!

General Store from the Old West

Sightseeing ... page 14: ... and wildflowers crowd the present.

Sightseeing ... page 15: but there are those who hang on.

Sightseeing ... page 16: ... and those who don't ... still the old west lives on.

Sightseeing ... : and the past wends a graceful path in Sawyers Bar.

Sightseeing ... page 18: ... while the old west lives on ...

Sightseeing ... page 19: & those hardy vines persist into the present ...

Sightseeing ... The Historic Church of Sawyers Bar: The church on the hill: page 20, the cross page 21 in the graveyard and the graveyard proclaims life ... and we wonder: page 22.

Leaving Sawyers Bar ... which road to take, page 23

The lowering sun illuminates NoWhere on the south fork of the Salmon River, page 24.

... & NoWhere sparkles ..., page 25.

... & stories from our past whisper ... on the south fork of the Salmon River ... in NoWhere, page 26.

... & stories from our past whisper ... in Forks of the Salmon, page 27 and page 28.

The Many Faces and Wonders of the Salmon River Gorge

The journey begins ... the Salmon River Gorge in California, page 29.

... & creeks add their perspective to the river ..., page 30.

A rafter's paradise: Bloomer Falls ... a class IV rapid, page 31.

... river's tranquility sets the mood in summer's longer days..., page 32.

... & creeks add their flow to the Salmon River, page 33.

... speaking to summer's gentle meander ..., page 34.

Summer's Artistry Crafting Light and Shadow, page 35.

... & rocky precipices harbor water sparkling & clear ..., page 36.

... & nature's palette paints light in water and stone ..., page 37.

... & nature's fault crafts primordial stone ..., page 38.

... chiseled stone shapes river's peaceful pools ..., page 39.

... Leafy Bowers shape walls of stone ..., page 40.

... emerald waters settle in placid pools ..., page 41.

... and the river meanders a peaceful path ..., page 42.

... the river flows emerald and deep ..., page 43.

... and rapids route the gorge ..., page 44.

... and emerald pools glitter with facets of light ..., page 45.

... and river gorge carved treacherous and deep ..., page 46.

... and nature's palette blends in glorious hue ..., page 47.

... and the many faces carved in stone ..., page 48.

... leaf and stone complement river's emerald hue ..., page 49.

... breathtaking artistry ... stone and emerald waters ..., page 50.

... and stone palisades carving stairways ..., page 51.

... Nature's deft palette painting stream and banks ..., page 52.

... Breathtaking Artistry ... leaf, stone and water's flow ..., page 53.

... Nature's complex history, creating sublime artistry ..., page 54.

... and trees descend the banks ... matching river's sublime artistry ..., page 55.

... and the bridge at Wooley Creek ..., page 56.

The Klamath River in northern California

... the beautiful Salmon River meets the Klamath River near Somes Bar, California, page 57.

... the Klamath River from the bridge at the meeting of the Salmon ..., page 58.

... and leaf and stone complement river's emerald hue ..., page 59.

... and the river flows ... Klamath Opulence ..., page 60.

... the old west lives on ... Hamburg Store - Hotel, page 61.

The beautiful Scott River, sister to the Salmon River, in northern California

The beautiful Scott River in northern California, page 62.

A palisade of trees sheltering the lovely Scott River, page 63.

The Scott River: Mountains, trees and river, page 64.

Mountain stone shapes the banks of the Scott River in northern California, page 65.

The bridge marks the site of Indian Scotty Campground, page 66.

Clear water sparkles in the Scott River of California, page 67.

Mountains and river offer superlative views, page 68.

Mountains, mountains, mountains, and then there's the river, page 69.

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