The Umpqua Waterfall Tour, the Umpqua River and wild and scenic river in oregon in the cascade mountains.
Umpqua National Forest, Umpqua Wild and Scenic River, Oregon Maps: Hiking trails and waterfalls: Susan Creek Waterfall, Fall Creek Waterfall, Steamboat Creek Waterfall, Toketee Waterfall, Deadline Falls, Watson Waterfalls, Clearwater Waterfalls, Whitehorse Waterfalls, Warm Spring Waterfalls, toketee lake and hot springs.

Our Getaways offer written Directions, Maps and suggested scenery, spanning Oregon and northern California;
places Brad and I have visited and loved. These getaways offer simplicity, yet beauty in scenery, waterfalls, hiking trails,
campgrounds, mountains, hot springs, mountain lakes, equestrian trails, mountain biking trails, wild and scenic
rivers, scenic byways, Crater Lake National Park, national monuments and more.

Protect our National Forests and Wilderness Areas. Leave NO Trace!
Be sure to check out fire conditions at the Ranger Station before traveling,
hiking or camping in the forest.

Poison Oak can be a problem at these elevations.


Forward ~ Travel Directions from the California Redwoods
to Gathering Light ... a retreat.

Back ~ Travel Directions: Umpqua Waterfall Tour.

USFS: Umpqua National Forest and
USFS: The Rogue Siskiyou National Forest.

Brad and I happily present the N Umpqua Waterfall Tour: sightseeing
Crater Lake, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, waterfalls, mountains,wild and scenic rivers, the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway
and more. Directions, and Scenery.

sightseeing in the cascade mountains on the way to the south umpqua river and waterfalls.  

Travel Oregon and northern California while staying at Gathering Light ... a retreat located
near Crater Lake in the Klamath Basin of Oregon.


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Travel to Gathering Light on the Umpqua Scenic Byway:
Directions, Map and Scenery: hiking trails, waterfalls, wild and scenic rivers, mountains, sightseeing and more.

Travel Directions to and Day Trips of about 100 miles
from the retreat.

Little known Scenic Places: hiking, mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and more: Directions, Map and Scenery. Local Maps Introduction.

the setting sun paints the clouds in the cascade mountains near gathering light ... a retreat in southern oregon near crater lake national park: cabins, tree houses on the river in the forest.  

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