shasta trinity travel directions to gathering light ... a retreat located in southern oregon near crater lake: cabins, tree houses on the river in the forest.
mt shasta photographed from klamath lake in the klamath basin of oregon.

Mt Shasta from Klamath Lake in the Klamath Basin of Oregon.

   wild lupine growing in klamath basin in southern oregon near gathering light ... a retreat.

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USFS: Shasta Trinity National Forest.

Brad and I invite you to explore the Shasta Trinity National
Forest and surrounding area: Map and Scenery: hiking trails, Mt
Shasta, waterfalls, Castle Crags, Cascade and Siskiyou
Mountains, rivers and more.


Traveling to Gathering Light ... a retreat in southern Oregon not far from Crater Lake.

If approaching the retreat from the south on I - 5, the exit for Castle Crags State Park near Dunsmuir, California,
will be the first of the sites on the Shasta ~ Trinity Travel Tour.

  • Castle Crags.

    Follow the above stated directions on I - 5. Castle Crags State Park and wilderness area offers many opportunities for recreational opportunities: Castle Crags and Grey's Peak.

    Return to I-5.

  • Dunsmuir ~ Dunsmuir is an old railroad town. The tracks run alongside the Sacramento River in the old part of town.

    The exit that points to one of the sights mentioned on the tour getaway and map is the Dunsmuir Railroad Park. You don't have to get back on the freeway here if you head east to the Sacramento River and follow it into town. Before you get too far though, be sure to stop on the bridge to get a different perspective of Castle Crags. Once you've done this, continue on. You'll cross the river twice and end up in the old part of the town, which is quite picturesque. Follow the main road, which isn't hard to do. It will take you under the freeway and into the west side of town. If you want to hike to Mossbrae Falls, drive a little further north, and you'll see the sign for Shasta Retreat. Drive into the retreat, drive across the bridge and park in the gravel parking lot on your left. Follow the railroad tracks north for 1.5 miles. When you see the train trestle, you'll know you're at the falls if you haven't seen them already. If you don't want to hike to Mossbrae falls, perhaps you want to walk the very short trail to Hedge Creek Falls. If so, drive yet a little further north until you see a very small parking lot on the left by the water bottling plant. Even if you don't want to walk to the fall, be sure to check out the view of Mt Shasta from the Gazebo. It's great. You can get back on I - 5 almost immediately after leaving the parking lot, or you can drive a little further north until you see the next exit. This is your last chance to get back on the freeway. If you don't get on the freeway, you'll end up driving in forest land. It's very pretty, but you won't be getting where you presumably want to go.

  • McCloud ~ McCloud is a town out of the past.

    Railway tours are offered in the summer. The old mercantile building is a relic from the 1800s. The Upper, Lower and Middle Falls on the McCloud River are beautiful, but I must say, they're prettier in the spring than in summer. The pictures of the Upper and Middle Falls in the website were taken in May of 2000. The picture of the lower fall was taken in 2001. There is less water in 2001 than there was in 2000. It's quite a drive to McArthur Burney State Park, but the waterfall is exquisite.

  • Shasta City ~ The mountain dominates:

    Driving up Mt Shasta from Shasta City: the slopes offer excellent views of the Siskiyous and Castle Crags. The road ends at the trailhead for several different mountain trails. Shasta City Park boasts the headwaters of the Sacramento River of which one of the tributaries originate in several springs that flow from the slopes of Mt Shasta. It's lovely to walk along the river. Unfortunately, the trail ends and the river flows into a culvert that takes it under the freeway. Still it's very nice for as long as it lasts. The wild tiget lilies growing in the headwaters of the Sacramento. Finally, there's a marvelous natural food store in Shasta City.

    If you want to explore west from I - 5 rather than east, explore Castle Lake. It's a lovely mountain lake and easy to find. Take the exit for Siskiyou Lake. Signs to Castle Lake are clearly marked. Head south. You'll come to Siskiyou Lake, it's a reservoir. There's a lovely gorge when you cross the bridge. Soon after, you'll see another sign for Castle Lake, turn to the left and follow until the road ends at the lake.

    When you decide to leave Shasta City, get back on I - 5. Be sure to watch for the many different faces of Shasta in all the places you visit, as well as when driving. Black Butte is the cinder cone that abuts I - 5 north of Shasta City.

  • Weed, California.

    Connect with Hwy 97 at the second exit for Weed. You'll see the sign for Klamath Falls. Take this exit. There's an excellent bakery in Weed; it closes at 3:00. It's across the street and just south of the Chevron gas station, so if you're interested in something other than typical bakery fare, be sure to check this out. Take the right by the Chevron station if you want to see the Mercantile building, which is part of the quaint, old historic mercantile building that will take you back into another era. It's a great place to relax outdoors, escape the middle town congestions; snack and enjoy the views. If you don't, take the next right after the Chevron station, and you'll be on 97.

  • Hwy 97.

    Hwy 97 offers several vantage points of Mt Shasta. There are also very interesting rock formations and what appears to be an almost prehistoric landscape not far from Weed. Both are on the left as you travel north, and they're quite beautiful. There's vista point for Shasta not too far north; it's on the left. There's a veteran's memorial park with very interesting, emotive statues not too far from Weed. When you get beyond these sights, there's not much to stop for until your almost in Oregon.

  • Wildlife Refuges and Lava Beds National Monument.

    If you ready to stop traveling, just stay on 97, but you want to see more, look for a road that goes off to the right, if you're heading north, very soon, almost immediately, after passing California's inspection station. If you want to see the lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, turn here and you'll drive right by it. This road will also take you into Tulelake where you can view Tulelake Wildlife Refuge as well. While in Tulelake, you might as well visit the Lava Beds National Monument. Afterwards get on Hwy 139 in Tulelake. 139 turns into 39 in Oregon. Hwy 39 will take you into Klamath Falls.

  • Shoalwater, Eagle Ridge:

    If birding is a special interest, you might want to take a brief detour either here, or perhaps visit as part of your stay at Gathering Light. You'll come into town on S 6th Street. Continue heading north on this street until you see the Chevron Station on your left, this is Avalon Street. Follow Avalon until you must turn either left or right. Turn right, this is Hwy 140, follow 140 until you come to the traffic signal just to the otherside of the overpass, turn right and continue alongside the lake, over Doak Mountain and soon after you'll see a small green sign for Klamath County Park, Eagle Ridge. Turn right, follow the signs for Eagle Ridge. The while gravel is maintained until the boat launch, and deteriorates somewhat after that. Nevertheless, this is one of the most beautiful vistas for birding. If birding appeals, please don't pass this by. :-)

  • Klamath Falls.

    In Klamath Falls, get on Hwy 97, and follow it until you see Winema Real Estate just a little north of Kla-mo-ya Casino. This is Chiloquin Road. Turn right and follow it as it curves round into Chiloquin. Drive over the railroad tracks, turn left on the Sprague River Hwy; it's the first road after the tracks. (A directional sign calls this road a highway; a street sign calls it a road. Just remember Sprague River; you'll do fine.) Mile markers count off the distance on Sprague River Hwy. Soon after the 1 mile marker, you'll see a power station on the corner. This is Chiloquin Ridge Rd. (If you see the 2 mile marker, you'll know you've gone too far.) Turn right on Chiloquin Ridge Rd; follow it for about a mile. You'll see the sign - Nature Retreat - on the right.

    If you're traveling at dusk, please be sure to watch for deer. The last time we took this route, we saw several along 97, and it was just dusk.

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