The Redwoods Travel Guide to Gathering Light ... a retreat

This route is amazingly beautiful

Beginning at Crescent City, California:

Connect with the Redwood Hwy, Hwy 199, north of Crescent City. Travel through Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. Stop at Walker Road to experience old growth first hand. In spring, the wild rhododendrons are in full bloom, and they're everywhere. Continue driving and you'll connect with the Smith River Gorge. As the Umpqua is my favorite river in Oregon, the Smith is my favorite in California. The emerald waters bounded by stone on one side and forests on the other provide spectacular viewing the length of the drive, as the road meanders alongside the river.

And this meander is a narrow road, hemmed by the river on one side and mountains on the other. Still, there are plenty of pull-outs. If so inclined, stop to take it all in. If time is not a premium on this drive, cross the river, and oh, what to do, what to do? Turn left, turn right? A right turn leads through a small residential area, until once again you encounter Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. This time, it's the Stout Grove, and what a joy this is: set aside by the Save the Redwoods League in the early 1900s, it's the oldest grove of trees in any of the parks. The trail winds down to the river, a nice place to play in the water and/or picnic on the banks.

the coast redwoods of northern california.

A left turn at the intersection follows the south fork of the Smith. Although there is some beautiful scenery here. Although the gorge in all its faces can seldom be viewed from the road. Brad and I only discovered this when we were inside the gorge, thinking to float on inner-tubes, which we did. By then, we had no choice. The only way out was the river.

Still, there was much to compensate. We'd attempted this float because of the views we'd seen from the road, and oh, the river flows placid and at peace when out of the gorge. A view beyond compare. Especially amazing when one has made passage safely down the rocky gorge.

People play in the river a short distance upstream, just above the gorge, if that appeals.

The north fork of the Smith is reputed to be the best river for rafting in the Smith River watershed. If this appeals check the directions from kevsmom.

To continue heading north on 199: The river and mountains offer many views. Seasonal waterfalls flow from the ridges in the rainy season, adding to the joy of the journey. Summer is drier once we leave the redwoods behind, crossing the border into Oregon.

Oregon offers its own joys: The valley of the wild and scenic Illinois River, as well as the Illinois River, Historic Kerby, Oregon and the wares of local artisans, not the least being It's a Burl, described by the owner Harvey Shinerock and visitors as magical, fantastic and wondrous. Check out the tree houses at Out 'n About in Takilma, Oregon, and be sure to head east on Hwy 46 at Cave Junction, to visit the Oregon Caves National Monument.

Leaving Cave Junction and continuing north on Hwy 199 to Grants Pass, Oregon: Just going with my memory here, I'd say this drive is not spectacular, but possesses its own charm. I remember flowers blooming, and one place we pulled off at one time, but nothing worth mentioning. It's a drive that's nice - that's about it.

Once you arrive in Grants Pass, you can connect with I - 5, or follow the Rogue River on Hwy 99 to the city of the same name, take the overpass to cross the freeway and continue traveling south until you arrive in Gold Hill. If you're interested stop and visit Oregon's House of Mystery off Sardine Creek Road. It's open March through October, but check the site to make certain of all the particulars.

We've driven on back roads to Medford from Gold Hill, but I cannot give you directions here for that. I would have to make the trip once again and write it all down while doing so. If you're want to do attempt this, check a map of Oregon, and look for a route that will bring you out on Hwy 62, or the Crater Lake Hwy, in Medford. If you don't want to take a back road, just get on I-5, traveling south to Medford. If you're interested in continuing onto Gathering Light ... a retreat, check the directions to the retreat from Medford, Oregon. If you want to see more, check out the Diverse Loop Tour, we have Travel directions, a map and scenic vistas, and/or the Umpqua Waterfall Tours, also with Travel Directions, Map and Scenery, both tours include Crater Lake. However, the Umpqua Waterfall Tour includes only the north fork of the Umpqua, if you want to travel to the South Umpqua, check out the Travel directions for the combined tours and map to make your final decision. Whatever you decide, enjoy ... as we always have.

Directions to the retreat via Medford, Oregon.

the coastal forest on the chetco river near brookings, oregon.

Sites of interest when traveling a coastal route the length of Oregon and into northern California, including the coastal Redwoods.

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Travel Oregon and northern California while staying at Gathering Light ... a retreat
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