the warner mountains in northern california.

California Scenic Views:
Surprise Valley & the Warner Mountains

Our Getaways offer written Directions, Maps and suggested scenery, spanning Oregon and northern California; places Brad and I have visited and loved. These getaways offer simplicity, yet beauty in scenery, waterfalls, hiking trails, campgrounds, mountains, hot springs, mountain lakes, equestrian trails, mountain biking trails, wild and scenic rivers, scenic byways, Crater Lake National Park, national monuments & more.

Forward ~ Shasta Trinity Tour Guide.

Back ~ See California: Surprise Valley &
Warner Mountains Tour Map.

Protect our National Forests and Wilderness Areas. Leave NO Trace!
Be sure to check out fire conditions at the Ranger Station before traveling,
hiking or camping in the forest.

Fandango Pass on the Applegate Trail, our forefathers seeking an "easier" route.

Barrel Springs/Surprise Valley Backcountry Byway*

Fort Bidwell, California: Water Avenue and the old homestead page 1; The People's Church, page 2.

Deer Feed in the Yard whispers of past in Surprise Valley traveling the Barrel Springs/Surprise Valley Back Country Byway, page 3.

hiking trails through out national forests in the cascade mountains of oregon.
Rancher Communities in Surprise Valley

Cedarville, California: Cressler and Bonner Trading Post, page 1, the Pioneer Church, page 2, the old bank - today it is a grocery store, page 3, the old Cressler-Bonner Building, page 4, Bed and Breakfast in Cedarville, page 5, and Warner Mountain Weavers - Art Gallery, page 6.

Eagleville, California: The Pioneer Church, page 7.

*There is more to the Barrel Springs/Surprise Valley Backcountry Valley than is displayed here. At this moment, however, this is all that I have.

travel california in surprise valley and see mountains formed underwater in the basin and range formed by at least 4 faults, the warner mountains on the west marking one of those boundaries, travel california and nevada to unveil the history: geologically, native tribes and more recent settlers.

Climbing the Warners to the South Warner Wilderness

It's dusk & sunlight illumines Emerson Peak, driving to the South Warner Wilderness, page 1

Emerson Peak enroute to Emerson Campground, page 2

Camping on Emerson Creek, where walking creekside gives one a lift. This page also includes information about hiking trails accessed from the trailhead, page 3

Hiking along Emerson Creek in the south Warner Wilderness, page 4

Nature's Abundance on Emerson Creek in the south Warner Wilderness, page 5

... and the vision changes in day's light, Emerson Peak, page 6

... and the valley opened up before us, page 7

The amazing Warners, fault upthrust mountains, page 8

Volcanic artistry never ceases to amaze, page 9

The Warners unfold as we head north into Cedarville, page 10

Looking across Surprise Valley, rather than up, page 11

... and here the mountain wears a crown, page 12

Mountain building ... white ash - rhyolite or limestone, page 13

Another July when snow cloaked the Warners, page 14

Traveling through the Warners - Cedar Pass, page 15.


Travel to Gathering Light ... a retreat via the Shasta Trinity area of northern California: Directions, Map & Scenery.

Directions to and Day Trips in either California or Oregon of around 100 miles from the retreat.

Little known Scenic Places near Crater Lake National Park and the retreat: opportunities to explore, photograph: hiking, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, birding, and more: Directions Map and Scenery.

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the warner mountains in northern california is about 100 miles from gathering light ... a retreat: cabins, tree houses, and more on the river, surrounded by winema national forest and not far from crater lake national park.

Contact Brad at Gathering Light ... a retreat.

Walking riverside (pictured above) at Gathering Light ... a retreat. Rustic simplicity, a place to "Just Be", Gathering Light is nestled on the banks of the river, surrounded by the Fremont Winema National Forest of southern Oregon and not far from Crater Lake National Park.