Directions to Gathering Light ... a retreat from Medford, Oregon

ashland creek in autumn at lithia park in ashland, oregon. not far from crater lake national park, the rogue umpqua scenic byway, offering the wild and scenic rogue river, waterfalls and hiking trails.

  • On I -5 at Medford take the exit for the Crater Lake Hwy.

  • Follow the Crater Lake Hwy until you see the signs for Hwy. 140 heading east to Klamath Falls.

Turn east on 140. Stop at the mountain lakes up here if you choose: Fish Lake, Lake of the Woods right off the road, watch for lava flows and a spectacular view of Mt McLoughlin near the summit off to the right. Stay on 140 until you see signs for Fort Klamath and Rocky Point ~ this will be soon after you see the 43 mile marker. There is only one way to turn, it's left, do so.

  • Westside Road.

    This road travels around the west side of Klamath Lake, hence the name. You'll be traveling along the Upper Klamath Wildlife Refuge. Malone Springs, marked from the road, offers a boat launch for the canoe trail through the wetlands, it's also an easy viewpoint, if you're interested.

    Westside Road lasts for 16 miles; the mile markers always give indication of where you are. After traveling 16 miles, Westside Road brings you down onto Seven Mile Road and into range land.

  • 7 Mile Road

Look off to your left and see Mt. Mazama, the peak of Crater Lake and Mt. Scott, which forms the eastern boundary of the lake. Stay on 7 Mile Road until it ends, and turn right when it does. In about a half of a mile you'll need to turn left.

  • Loosely Road.

Turn left onto Loosely Road. Stay on Loosely until you come to Hwy 62, or Crater Lake Hwy as it's otherwise called.

  • Crater Lake Highway, or Hwy 62.

  • Turn right on 62; follow the Crater Lake Hwy until you see the sign for Chiloquin. If you'd rather take a side trip right now, turn right until you have to turn again, and then turn left. Follow this road until you see the sign for Wood River Wetlands, newly restored, and enjoy yourself. If not, turn left towards Chiloquin. This direction will take you under 97 before curving south into Chiloquin.

  • Sprague River Highway.

Turn left on the Sprague River Hwy. It's the first left after the railroad tracks. (A directional sign calls this road a highway; a street sign calls it a road. Just remember you want to get on the road to Sprague River, you'll do fine.) Check the mile markers. Not long after the 1 mile marker, you'll see a power station on the right; this marks the corner of Chiloquin Ridge Rd. (If you see the 2 mile marker, you'll know you've gone too far.)

  • Chiloquin Ridge Road.

Turn right; follow Chiloquin Ridge Rd for a little over a mile. You'll see the sign on the right, Nature Retreat. Turn and drive about a quarter of a mile to the manager's cabin. :-)

Travel Oregon and northern California while staying at Gathering Light ... a retreat
located in southern Oregon near Crater Lake National Park.

deer in the retreat: gathering light ... a retreat located in southern oregon near crater lake national park: cabins, treehouses in the forest on the river.

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