Oregon's High Desert

the alvord desert and hot spring under the towering spires of steens mountain in oregon, not far from the nevada border.

Alvord Hot Springs under the towering spires of steens mountain at
Steens Mountain in Eastern Oregon, not far from Nevada.

Alpine Lakes: Devil's Lake on the
CascadeLakes Hwy.

Crater Lake (part of the Diverse Loop Tour): Introduction.

Oregon's Deepest Gorge: Crooked River Gorge

Smith Rock: Introduction, page 1, page 2, page3, page 4,
page 5, page 6, page 7, page 8, page 9, page 10,
page 11, page 12, page 13.

Newberry Volcanic National Monument:
Paulina & East Lakes & Paulina Falls; hiking on the Big Obsidian Lava Flow.

One of Oregon's Largest Lakes: Lake Abert and Abert Rim.

Way out there: Steens Mountain & the Avord Desert.

The Warner Mountains in Oregon page 1,
page 2 & page 3.

Summer Lake Area

the south warner wilderness area in california.

The Warner Mountains Wilderness in northeastern California.

Our Getaways offer written Directions, Maps and suggested scenery, spanning Oregon and northern California; places Brad and I have visited and loved. These getaways offer simplicity, yet beauty in scenery, waterfalls, hiking trails, campgrounds, mountains, hot springs, mountain lakes, equestrian trails, mountain biking trails, wild and scenic rivers, scenic byways, Crater Lake National Park, national monuments & more.

Protect our National Forests and Wilderness Areas. Leave NO Trace!
Be sure to check out fire conditions at the Ranger Station before traveling,
hiking or camping in the forest.

  cabins in the forest on the river at gathering light ... a retreat in southern oregon near crater lake national park.

Forward ~ Surprise Valley, Warner Mountains
"Outback" Tour Guide.

Back ~ Other Places near to the retreat and
Crater Lake National Park.

USFS: The Deschutes/Ochoco National Forest.

USFS: Hiking Trails in the Fremont National Forest.

Brad and I happily present the Surprise Valley, Warner Mountains, Outback Scenic Getaway: Directions, Scenery & Map and the West Cascades National Scenic Byway: Directions, Map & Scenery.


Travel Oregon and northern California while staying at Gathering Light ... a retreat
located in southern Oregon near Crater Lake National Park, not far from all the
beauty on the Umpqua Scenic Byway.

  the south warner wilderness area.

Traveling on the West Cascades National Scenic Byway: Directions, Map & Scenery to Gathering Light ... a retreat .

Travel Directions to and Day Trips of around 100 miles from the retreat.

Little Known Scenic Places near Crater Lake & the retreat: Directions, Map & Scenery.


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