Winter Storms at Crater Lake:

winter storms at crater lake national park in the cascades of oregon. hiking trails, hikes, national parks, national monuments, wilderness areas, mountains, camping facilities, wild and scenic rivers, in oregon and northern california, in the mountains, on the coast, in the high desert.

The lake never freezes in its entirety. Despite all the snow the lake makes, the lake has only frozen once in
recorded history. If I remember correctly, it was in 1939. - gm

The south entrance on the Crater Lake Hwy, or Hwy 62 is the only entrance open at Crater Lake National Park during the
winter months. The north entrance is generally always closed after the first weekend in October at the very latest. Although the
above picture was taken in winter, it isn't always possible to get up to Rim Village, which is the only portion of the drive that is plowed,
if at all, during winter. If the road is open and one can get up to Rim Village, it's possible to step out over the snow in a structure
designed just for that. If the rim village is not open, the road is plowed only to the Information Center in the lower reaches of the
park. Access to the rim is still possible even if the road is closed. That is, if one cross country skies, or likes trekking
in snow shoes. Snow Camping is also possible in the park. Permits are required.

If driving in the park during winter, don't take the 4 wheel drive of your SUV for granted. Plowed snow makes ice walls in the
park, and I mean walls! You're driving on a narrow passageway encased in walls of ice, taller than your vehicle. One winter
the driver of a jeep lost control and bounced up against those walls. Brad and I had felt the ice under our car on our
way up, on our way down we saw the jeep, torn to smithereens, survival of the occupants was doubtful. - gm

  wizard island near twilight at crater lake national park in the cascade mountains of oregon.

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