Hiking Trails in Crater Lake National Park

Brad and I have hiked all these trails but Watchman Peak. The trail is 1.4 miles on the western rim. I never really cared about doing this hike, but now, thinking about it, it's across the lake from the other elevated hikes: Garfield and Mt Scott, and therefore would give an entirely different perspective, especially of Wizard Island.

The hiking trail up Garfield Peak

Every hike has its own appeal, but for me, I must say, the hike on Garfield Peak is my favorite. It's a series of switchbacks moving toward and away from the lake. The picture of Crater Lake below and to the left was taken at one of the returns to the lake. The hike, with a gain in elevation of 1000 feet, is described as strenuous by park officials. It's 3.4 miles round trip, and offers so much: the lake, wildlife, the mountain, the stones, the plant life. I love this hike as no other.

crater lake photographed from the garfield hiking trail on the rim at crater lake national park in oregon.

Castle Crest Wildflower Garden Trail

Wildflowers bloom from July - August, Munson Creek is beautiful and flows as late as August. It's a short stroll of 0.5 mile.

Sun Notch Viewpoint

Short Stroll to the overlook of Phantom Ship and Crater Lake ~ .5 mile.

Godfrey Glen

Gentle hiking trail overlook of Annie Creek Canyon ~ 1.0 mile.

Cleetwood Cove

This hike is the only legitimate path to the lake. It's 2.2 miles and a definite hike. You can play in the water below if you don't plan on taking one of the boat trips. Friends of mine from the Netherlands walked down to the lake, and Jeroen, who loves to swim, took a dip in the lake, finding it very cold.

The other day I was talking to a woman in McDonalds in Eugene. She was asking about the waterfalls on Hwy 138, and wanted to know where 138 was. I told her, and then told her that if she wanted to, she could end her journey in Crater Lake National Park, entering the park at the north entrance off of Oregon Hwy 138. She was quite elderly, and told me that years ago when visiting Crater Lake they'd walked down to the lake there in front of the lodge. Her visit must have been about 60 years ago, minimum. That trail isn't there anymore, and it wasn't there the next time they returned to the lake either.

Annie Creek Canyon

On the southern perimeter of the mountain, the canyon is beautiful; the climb moderate. The loop trail offers a wide diversity in enjoyment, well worth the time and hiking, 1.7 miles.

The hiking trail up Mt Scott

Mt Scott forms the eastern rim of Mt Mazama, and is the highest peak in the park. One gains an elevation 1,500 feet in the hike. You can find it when driving the eastern rim. (Mt Scott pictured to the right.)

mt scott on the eastern flank of mt mazama, mt mazama is the mountain of crater lake national park in oregon.

The expansive view from the peak of Mt Scott is portrayed somewhat on the Mt Scott page in this site. I say somewhat simply because at this elevation there is so much that can be seen.

These hiking trails are not the only hikes of interest in the area of Crater Lake. Aside from the hikes we offer on the Diverse Loop Tour and the Umpqua Waterfall Tour, you might want to check out the Mountain Lakes Wilderness Area, Union Peak, Mt Thielsen (Thielsen acts as a lightning rod, make sure of weather conditions if you attempt this hike), Mt McLoughlin; Sky Lakes Wilderness Area, the Pacific Crest Trail, but by all means, don't stop there. :-)

crater lake photographed from rim village in winter, at crater lake national park in oregon.

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crater lake in winter at crater lake national park in oregon.

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