Mt Scott at Crater Lake

Forward ~ The Pumice Castle on the inner rim
of the caldera at Crater Lake.

Back ~ Hiking to the water's edge:
Cleetwood Cove at Crater Lake.

Mt Scott forms the eastern rim of Crater Lake. One can hike
to the summit; the hike is 5 miles round trip.

Want to Hike? Hiking Trails at Crater Lake.

mt scott from the williamson river valley in oregon, not far from crater lake national park.

NPS: Crater Lake National Park and the Introduction to Crater Lake pages.

To the right: Viewpoint from atop Mt Scott. See Diamond Lake and Thielsen off to the right in the distance. The trail opens later in the summer, after the snow melts.

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hiking the trail up mt scott on the eastern rim of crater lake in southern oregon.

Sightseeing in Oregon and northern California while staying at Gathering Light ... a retreat in
Klamath Basin. See Crater Lake National Park, National Wildlife Refuges and Wetlands:
Bald Eagles. Birding trails, hiking trails, hiking with no trails, canoeing; etc.

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