Hiking and Rock Climbing the Badlands

Hiking down the north end, you'll encounter seasonal streams among densely forested fir and pines...You'll emerge
in meadows abundant in wildflowers to encounter an old homestead still largely intact.

hiking and rock climbing at the badlands in southern oregon.

Forward ~ Wetlands at Eagle Ridge, one of many birding trails in Klamath Basin, Oregon.

Back ~ ... for a close up of
this photograph, the Badlands, page 4.

Directions to the Badlands & other places nearby.

rock climbing and hiking at the badlands and crater lake national park in southern oregon.

Badlands page 1, page 2, page 3 and page 4.

Hiking the north side.        

Travel Oregon: hiking, birding, canoeing trails and experience the unique

making our way down into rangeland after hiking to the top of the badlands in southern oregon.

The posts for the archway on the fence were burnt as a means of preservation; they're still standing.

USFS: Winema National Forest. National Wildlife Refuges in Klamath Basin: Upper and Lower. NPS: Crater Lake National Park.

Birding in Klamath Basin in the Pacific Flyway: Birders' Trails in the wildlife refuges and wetlands, canoeing in Klamath Wildlife Refuges and the Wood River Wetlands.

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