Hiking & Rock Climbing in the Badlands

hiking and rock climbing in the badlands off saddle mountain in southern oregon not far from crater lake and near to gathering light ... a retreat.

The Badlands, a volcanic outcropping in the Eastern foothills of Saddle Mt, is a cornucopia of unique rock formations. The unusual terrain is well worth the time & effort invested in a no trail hike. It's easy to feel you're the only one to have been there. See this and other lava flows, all part of nature's volcanic legacy.

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Overlooking the forests below from atop the Badlands in southern Oregon.

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the badlands in southern oregon.

USFS: Winema Fremont National Forest. NWR : National Wildlife Refuges in Klamath Basin: Upper and lower Klamath Wildlife Refuges, Tulelake; Wood River Wetlands, Klamath Marsh, and more NPS: Crater Lake National Park.

Birding trails in Klamath Basin in the Pacific Flyway: Birders' Trails in the wildlife refuges and wetlands, canoeing in Klamath Wildlife Refuges and the Wood River Wetlands.

Brad and I are happy to offer the tour of Little Known Scenic Places, all near to Gathering Light ... a retreat and Crater Lake National Park: Introduction to the Crater Lake pages and Directions, Map and Scenery.

Travel Oregon and Crater Lake while staying at Gathering Light ... a retreat
located in southern Oregon near Crater Lake National Park.

Where eagles soar: gathering light ... a retreat located in southern oregon near crater lake national park: cabins, tree houses in the forest on the river.

Travel to Gathering Light ... a retreat on the Willamette Pass: Travel Directions, Map and Scenery: hiking trails, mountains and lakes.

Travel to Gathering Light ... a retreat along the wild and scenic Umpqua River: Directions, Map and Scenery: hiking trails, waterfalls, the beautiful Umpqua, Crater Lake and more.

Directions to and Day Trips of around 100 miles from the retreat.

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